What is your favorite lore?


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May 16, 2023
I want explanations!!! Of why it is your favorite lore. Give us feelings!!! I want to eat your brain! Ok, how about that lore. I love zombie apocalypse or any apocalypse. But why? Because I love seeing human survival, companions you meet, start over, the awe. I also love fantasy games like the lore in Witcher 3. Subtle horror around every corner. The monsters were awesome and I love when monsters are given a personality. Assassin’s Creed series mixing religion with GMO and AI, too complicated, which makes the lore so special. Valhalla has embraced a fantasy approach and I love it. And I have to mention the new ultimate lore for me today is Skyrim. Blood borne has excellent lore, but the game is too hard to enjoy.
What exactly is it I like out of these games? Give me fantasy. My harsh reality says fuck this world. Let’s game
play in The sun original or The sun evolution . There will be stories, plots and monsters at every turn.
I'm also a fan of post apocalypse. I have always enjoyed seeing new worlds grow from the ashes of the old world. When done right, it can be truly fascinating to see how this new world survives, grows and evolves in term of social structure, laws, beliefs, traditions and so on. I also really enjoy seeing old tech' meeting new tech' in a creative way, something that goes hand in hand with post apocalyptic themes. Having ancient technology actually being more advanced is just a cool idea that opens up a lot of possibilities.
Hi, i want to tell you about my favorite series of games. The Metro game series has a very interesting lore. It's set in a post-apocalyptic, where survivors live in the underground Metro tunnels. The atmosphere is immersive, with haunting environments and a sense of constant danger. The game explores themes of survival, human nature, and the consequences of nuclear devastation. The rich storytelling, combined with intense gameplay and memorable characters, makes the Metro lore a personal favorite. It's a must-play for fans of atmospheric and story-driven experiences.;)
I enjoy apocalyptic lore because of its raw humanity, survival struggles, and friendships formed amid disaster. Fantasy games such as Witcher 3 and Skyrim provide an escape from harsh reality by giving monsters individuality and allowing epic quests to unfold. Assassin's Creed's sophisticated blend of religion, genetic modification, and artificial intelligence adds a degree of intricacy that captivates. These stories provide me with consolation and adventure, a respite from our world's worries. It's more than just playing games; it's living a tale, a fantasy that says, "For a moment, let's forget and embark on an epic journey."😌;)
There are some games I am not playing but admire their lore and read about it. Most of them are soulslike games - I like dark fantasy/horror/occult themes, but my pathetic agility makes them unplayable for me.

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