When are you not in the mood for a gaming session?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
I was just thinking that gaming tends to be the activity I gravitate to in many situations - whether I'm sad, angry or happy, a gaming session is always a relevant way of dealing with things for me! For example, strategy games give me something to think about, a strategy to execute and so on when I'm annoyed to the point that it tends to take my mind off of whatever was annoying me in the first place! I was thinkign though, are there any situations where you feel like you don't want to game?

Do you not want to game when you are sad? Lonely? When's your non-gaming time?
I prefer to avoid too much of the battle royale type of the games. I kind of like MOBA which are short and good enough for gameplay. So this year I am cutting down on various types of games and sticking with limited type.
Gaming is my release, my way to de-stress and unwind after a grinding day or a trying time, but as my free time has dwindled, my relationship with gaming is becoming more like a nostalgia trip. If I had more free time, it would absolutely be spent gaming to de-stress and unwind again, but now it's about playing games I enjoy or want to remember a bit more until that situation changes. I've found that when I have had a bad day and need to de-stress, I can't touch games anymore. I want to preserve gaming as my good time, and playing when I'm agitated, upset or depressed just isn't enjoyable now. So that's when I stay away from them even if I have the time for it.
Only time I will pass on gaming is if I don't have the time for it or I'm simply too tired for it. No fun trying to play while trying to stay awake.
I think for me the routine often comes and goes during the week. And the issue only is in the weekend where I get a lot of time but not enough games.

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