Discussion Why Blizzard Not Start WoW Classic Quickly When Private Servers Are Available


May 6, 2021
I think Blizzard is slow in reaction to Private servers is that Blizzard is trying to force the old game into the new infrastructure... you know square peg into round hole sort of thing. Private servers aren't trying to do that.

Obviously, Blizzard's Classic and private server won't be the same. But on that note, Blizzard will get the raids and dungeons up and running they way they should be running as opposed to the private servers who just don't have the code to do it. So in essence, private servers aren't true to classic any more than Blizzard will be.

Now the reason for waiting has more to do with the fact that a Blizzard server isn't going to be constantly hounded by DSoD attacks, or go down for lengthy amount of times, or have the real possibility that they will be shut down at any moment.

People want the old play style back with the promise of stability. Private servers can't promise that. People can and have been playing private servers... but the reality is, they are hosted on the other side of the world so ping is horrible for NA players and the player base really comes mostly from the other side of the world... so play times are also affected. It's dead as a door nail during peak NA times but bristling with activity when you would normally be asleep or at work.
Blizzard's decision to take their time with Classic is understandable. While private servers may offer a similar experience, they lack the stability and assurance that Blizzard can provide. The raids and dungeons on Blizzard's server will be more true to classic than private servers, which lack the proper code. While private servers may be playable, they are hosted on the other side of the world, making ping an issue for NA players. Blizzard's server will offer a more stable and accessible classic experience.
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Blizzard has stated in the past that they were concerned about the potential legal issues and ethical problems associated with hosting private servers. Additionally, creating an official "WoW Classic" version required a significant amount of development and testing to ensure that it would be stable and enjoyable for players. While it may have been frustrating for some fans to wait for an official release, it was important for Blizzard to take the time to do it right and avoid any potential issues down the road.

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