Blizzard Has Just Put Restrictions on Creating DK in WoW WotLK Classic


May 6, 2021
Blizzard has just announced DK will be unavailable for accounts which don't have a level 55 character first in WotLK WoW Classic, Patch 3.4.1. This patch was released a few hours ago and it's a great hit to WoW gold farmers farming for WotLK classic. Farmers are unable to use fresh accounts to create a lot DKs, blizzard also changed some abilities of DK. The cost of farming will be more expensive than before. Besides, normal WotLK players can't see groups of DKs in the wild and dungeons anymore, it's already the history.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic Patch Notes​

Version 3.4.1 Build 47612
  • The Death Knight spell Summon Gargoyle no longer snapshots the haste level of the controlling Death Knight at the moment the spell is used, and now dynamically updates the haste value to use with each cast of Gargoyle Strike.
    • Developers’ notes: In testing, this adjustment has not made a huge difference in Death Knights’ power relative to most other classes and has smoothed out a lot of the rough edges in gameplay that the previous haste snapshot methods caused. We will continue to monitor DK performance and representation in raids in the coming weeks, and make further adjustments should they prove to be absolutely necessary.

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