What to Expect in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Season 4: New Maps, Weapons, and More


Season 4 is coming soon, and we finally have some news about what’s new in the latest season of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The new season comes with more maps, weapons, and also an additional unique operator.

In this article, we’ll walk you through all the things we can expect from Season 4 of COD MW2. If you are a new player of COD, you can surely have some more fun in the coming season.

When is the release date?​

The COD MW2 Seasons 4 will be released on July 12, 2023, just a little away. However, note that the date is not actually confirmed, but the possibility is high. Many reviewers have stated that they’re pretty sure that Season 4 of COD MW2 will come on the 12th of July, or at least somewhere this month.

Now you need to be ready as the initial opening season will usually reward the players with Double XP events, which is a great way to level up your account.

The New Weapons​

Of course, with the coming Season 4, there will be some new additional weapons. Some can be unlocked exclusively from the Battle Plass, while eh others can be obtained without. What most people know is that we’re getting a new shotgun this time.

But aside from shotguns, we’ll also get a few weapons from different categories, like ISO 45, Tempus Razorback, and Tonfa. For those melee mains, Tonfa is a great melee weapon to use as it has unique animation and is quite damaging as well.

In the last midseason, we received the Tec-9, which was considered OP. We could expect the same thing for Season 4.

The New Maps​

Developers are pretty generous with new maps for Season 4 as they give not only one, but seven new maps to explore! The seven maps consist of four main maps that can be played right away after the launch, two new battle maps, and one new POI Vondel map, which will be released later on in the mid-season. Let’s talk about the maps in detail.

1. Showdown​

The first one is Showdown, a classic multiplayer map that will be added as a core map after the launch.

2. Kunstenaar District​

Another unique addition to the list. This lore-friendly location is actually a part of Vondel. It’s a town district located on the West side of the Vondel Museum and consists of shops, townhouses, and the canal. It’s the classic three-lane multiplayer map with big vehicles that can be used for cover.

3. Mercado​

Mercado is a new addition for Face-Off and Gunfight matches. It’s a part of Las Alamas, specifically becomes the POI of that map, and provides a covered structure for a more tactical battle.

4. Penthouse​

The map itself is actually a part of Chicago city. The Penthouse has a lap pool, a modern interior, and an outdoor fire pot. Aside from becoming the main multiplayer map, it’ll also be added to be a Gunfight map.

5. Mawizeh Marshlands​

As a part of Al Mazrah, players will be able to battle on Mawizeh Marshlands, a dilapidated part of River Diamond Luxury Resort. The map itself is added to be a new addition for battle maps, and players will have the ability to fight on both surfaces and in the water.

6. Ahkdar Village​

The new map is based on the Ahkdar Village, a fortified village located in Al Mazrah. It’ll be a playground for parkour as players can hop around in the rows of multi-floored buildings.

7. Vondel Waterfront​

Later on mid-season, players will be introduced to Vondel Waterfront, the floating waterhouses of Vondel.

With more maps to add, surely the game itself will be a lot more fun to play. Now if this is your first time playing COD, we highly recommend using a gaming VPN. You may start choosing the right gaming VPN, factors to consider for optimal gaming experience. Look for the one that may give you additional features related to gaming, like less ping, a more stable, and more secure internet connection. That way, you can enjoy your gaming experience with less security concerns to worry about.

New Modes​

Season 4 will introduce new additional modes in the multiplayer. People have speculated that the mode itself would be related to Battle Royale, with Vondel as the main map.

New Operators​

Every season comes with new operators, and the same thing goes for Season 4. This time, players will be able to play as Izanami. But due to the controversy related to Nazism (don’t spell the name Izanami backward), the developers are forced to delay the character’s release and rebrand the operator. They will eventually come up with a new name for her.

Battle Pass​

Battle Pass has been an important part of COD games for so long. Season 4 does come with a new Battle Pass. The price is around 1100 CP, which you can get for $10. For a more premium Battle Pass, there’s BlackCell Battle Pass Bundle which costs $30. What you’ll get are 25 BP tokens, and additional rewards.

The BP system also has something called cross-progression, meaning that you can level up your Battle Pass in Warzone 2 or Modern Warfare 2. It’s quite good if you think about it. If you’re playing the Warzone Mobile on the phone, you can still progress your Battle Pass there. Basically, you won’t lose any BP rewards that way.

So that’s all we can tell you about the coming Season 4 for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Since the update is coming soon, be sure to check the latest news about the release.

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