What games you would like to be better at?

Martin Berisford

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Mar 29, 2019
So, are there any games you would like to be better at? Any games that you play and you just think "Dang, I really suck at this" and you just want to level up your own skill? For me, I would love to get better at games like CS:GO and PUBG, I'm just really bad at taking all the information in and acting accordingly which is a shame cause I really like such games haha. I do play for the fun at least so it's not all bad!

What about you?
I think puzzle and survival games is what I look at most of the time. And it can be fun to play those set of the games. I guess being better takes time and something does not happen overnight.
Would love to be better at Fortnite. Not the whole game though because I'm already decent at it. It's just the building aspect that I would like to improve that. I'm not bad but some of these streamers build like crazy
All of them, mainly why I stick to single player games most of the time these days.
Final Fantasy is one game that I have not really had the opportunity to play because of the data that is involved. In the near future, I will like to be better at it since I enjoy playing such games that brings storyline and a connection between the scenes and I.
I'm pretty good at CS:GO but you know, you always can be better so I want to be an absolute master in that game. Sometimes I don't play as good as I use to but how to do that against cheaters and griefers? Well, if the game is running normally, which is pretty rare nowadays by the way, I would get around 30-40 kills easily.
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Elden Ring. Find it difficult to beat bosses.

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