In a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima, what would you want to see most?


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Jan 19, 2023
To put it simply, what it says. Since this topic I posed on reddit a few weeks ago generated a lot of interest, I figured I'd do the same here.

Ghost of Tsushima, in my opinion, has the greatest potential for fantastic narrative telling and a very dynamic universe of any Sony IP. Ghost of Tsushima earned a good 7/10 from me, despite its many flaws; but, if the studio pays attention to fan criticism, a sequel has the potential to establish the series as a timeless masterpiece.

My thoughts:

We need much better and more consistent writing in the sequel right from the beginning. No stock villains or dull story elements; I think Iki Island was already an improvement in that sense, but they can do much more.

- A far more exciting and varied global community. Despite boasting one of the most stunning environments ever made, Ghost of Tsushima spends the vast majority of its time being uninteresting and formulaic. It's a great shame. The fox, wind, and bird mechanisms were novel at first, but they rapidly became tedious due to their frequent repetition. To make the world seem more natural, they should find a way to build on this. More NPCs with interesting behaviours out in the wild would be great. Please model your actions after Red Dead Redemption 2.

Enhanced architectural variety, with more places that have fascinating interior design and vivid environmental narratives. There were a lot of uninteresting and repetitive in-building assets in Ghost of Tsushima. In that way, I would want the world to feel considerably fuller and more lived in.

More distinct puzzles and set elements, and a less general mission structure. Get rid of the Ubisoft-style camps and replace them with more authentic, global experiences.

Again, Iki Island did a far better job of this than any of the other games in the series. - Less emphasis on making the game a "anthology" (game director's words) and more FOCUS on a neatly told campaign. Have a respectable number of optional quests, but please prioritise quality over numbers, like Ghost of Tsushima had a plethora of pointless ones that were poorly implemented. Despite being set in 2023, this just won't work.

-I'm not too worried about the fighting since Game of Thrones features some of the most enjoyable combat I've ever played in a video game, but they do need to enhance the stealth system and maybe increase the weapon range.

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