What games are you looking forward to this 2019?


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Feb 1, 2019
Every new year comes bearing with new game release from gaming companies. Just like we have FIFA 19 now, what other new games are we expecting to see this new year?
Honestly, I am soo busy adulting and being a mom of two that I am unaware of the incoming new game releases this year. If you have any news, please let me know especially the good ones. I am dying to have something to keep my mind off work and do some relaxing and what better way to do it than a new game release right? Thanks in advance :)
There's actually a lot of games to look forward to this 2019. Personally, I'm eagerly waiting for Metro Exodus and Anthem. If I'm not mistaken both games are scheduled to be released around February this year. Other notable games that will be released also this year are Cyberpunk 2077, Devil May Cry 5, and The Last of Us 2.
As of the moment, I don't anticipate new games. I'm just satisfied with my current ones. I don't intend to burden myself since I have a lot of things, aside from gaming, that I should be doing. If I come accross annew game, then, I leave it to my free time.
As of right now, I am not really anticipating any new release games. I am still busy with everything in my life so I haven't got the chance to get an update. I just hope that any new release games this 2019 will be much more exciting than the last and be equipped with high quality features.
I guess there is nothing to expect in this year because mostly of the games are the same. It just an upgrades or patterned on the old games. What I am concerned is if those new games are exciting and inviting. Will it hold my interest? Sometimes playing different games is too tiring. There are too many expectation that is not fully satisfied. But, I am still open for improvements.
New games that I looking forward this year? Anything, I just want to play games that I do like. I am a fan of zombie movies and zombie games so one of I am looking forward this year is any zombie games. I am also considering a adventure - suspense games. I like this kind of games because all of the games I played have a nice story line.
Most of the games I've been looking forward to already came out in early 2019. Kingdom Hearts III was such a blast from the past that I've not even finished yet! Then there's Sunless Skies, which I'm exceedingly fond of because of its quirky storylines and the gameplay.

I'll see if any new trailers catch my attention, but for now, I think I've hit my quota for games in 2019. I'll be playing these between work and school so I don't have much time to spare.
Well, I was really looking forward to the NHL 19 patch that was released last week, but am super disappointed by it. I don't find the improvements to be drastic enough to affect the game overall. I love playing this game online with friends, and I am the only one not impressed with the changes, so maybe I just had too high of expectations.
Looking forward to the release of GTA 6 and any new zombie games. Rockstare yet to confirm the date for version six to be launched.

As of now, I'm satisfied with the video games I own and I don't intend to keep up with the social pressures of the latest tech. If I see a new release which I like the look of, I'll watch the game trailer and do some further research to see if its right for me.
Right now, I am looking forward to Pokemon Sword and Shield as well as any new open world rpg games.
Nowadays, I have already gone through the phase of being very anxious waiting for some game. I still follow some news, but that phase of counting the days on the fingers is gone.
Days gone is one good game that you should check out. It is one of those games where you are supposed to survive any means possible. Lot of options there but it seems like the screamers in the movie which are zombie creatures can be pretty fatal too. And there are some small kid zombies too. So its fun to play with that.
Personally I can't wait for RaiderZ to come out. It's an excellent MMORPG.
I just hope that some of the games that are going to come out aren't over hyped just to disappoint the players.
How about the remake of Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy game fans have so much looked forward to getting the remake of FF 7.
As of the moment, I don't anticipate new games. I'm just satisfied with my current ones. I don't intend to burden myself since I have a lot of things, aside from gaming, that I should be doing. If I come accross annew game, then, I leave it to my free time.

This way you can be rest assured that you will never feel any disappointment with the games that you have been long waiting for which never comes out. It's one good way to setting up one's mentality. I love it.
What games are you looking forward to the most for the rest of 2019 and next year (2020!) I'm certain there are several games that are catching the eye of you lovely JoyFreak people so what ones are tickling your fancy?

For me, I'm looking forward the most to Skyrim VI (assuming it's out in 2020!) as that is a game I'm just wanting to play so bad alongside a (very small chance) of getting my hands on GTA 6. That would make 2020 my fave year to be fair.
One thing that is essential when it comes to gaming is to have a list of games that you want to play before the year runs out. What PC games are you looking forward to playing before the end of 2019?

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