Looking for D&D dice recomendations :)


Dec 23, 2021
Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to the D&D but I have been through two longer campaigns. One was a modified version of the Curse of Strahd and the first one was the Lost mines of Phandelver.

Now when me and my crew first started with the Lost mines of Phandelver we got some nice beginner dice in the pack with it.

But as we went on with playing people started buying their own dice and I liked some of those. Then I went and searched online and saw just how many different varieties there are.. from metal to wood and even stone.

A friend from the group recommends the chessex dice but their website looks really old. I don't know if its okay to get them right off of there or amazon? I saw that they sell there too..

But I also had another friend send me this D&D dice buying guide and I loved the paladin roleplaying dice displayed there. Also liked the breakdown of the important characteristics of the dice sets.

But I am still not convinced. I know little about these companies paladin roleplaying and chessex. I am by no means rich and I know that most people would just order the dice and see what happens but I would much rather ask here on the forum.

Did you have any experience with these two and even better question do you have any other brand that you can recommend?

I would like to buy one plastic and one metal set. But I would like them to last me a long time if possible and not to chip, break or something like that. Because those 50-60$ I have to earn in a period of an entire week.

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