What games are you looking forward to this 2019?

I was looking forward to the Resident Evil Remake 2 and also Days Gone. So both of those games are now released and they did good in the market. I wish to also check some of the games which are meant to release in september crossing fingers for some good titles.
I am looking forward to Man of Medan from the creators of Until Dawn. Instead this gameplay is on a haunted ship and it looks dope!
I'd say the FF 7 remake for now, maybe pokemon S&S, not really sure yet. My backlog is too big for new games anyways.
Are there any video games that you are looking forward to? If so, what game(s) would that be? Which console will it be released for or do you plan on getting it on your PC? Will you pre-order it?
In every year, many new mobile games are launch on the play store & app store. If you want to update more about new games in 2019.

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