What do you do during impossible missions?

Martin Berisford

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Mar 29, 2019
At some point we've all probably come up against a mission which just seems bloody impossible to get our heads around and actually pass the mission. For me, there was this boss fight when I was playing Ninja Gaiden 2 and despite the fact I think it was like the second level or something, I've no idea how the heck to actually get past the boss and I must have tried a lot of the course of several days, it just didn't click. Honestly, I think I must've rage-quitted the game because I haven't played it since haha. For me, at those points, I just get super frustrated and start swearing (as if that will help). Spoiler, it doesn't.

What do you do at those points?
I will either give up to stop and come back to it later or find a guide/video online that will help guide me through it
I sometimes let my siblings or friends play the game. And if they manage the levels which are impossible to me. I try to learn from them and move ahead in the level.
If I don't have a guide or video to reference, like back in the old N64 days. I kept playing till I got good. Its how I fully beat perfect dark.
I sometimes quit and come back again stronger. I have found out that method to be working in some cases. Though I know that quitting does not solve the problem. But it gets my mind free for some of the other tasks.

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