News Mission: Impossible 7's Tom Cruise yells at crew after Covid-19 breach on London set


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May 30, 2020
Most times when stars yell at crew on a movie set, it comes off like a diva turn. But Tom Cruise was caught in an audiotape unloading on the crew of the London set of Mission: Impossible 7, and it sounds like his ire is well placed. The London paper The Sun has posted audio — listen here — of a tirade directed at the crew, after he noticed lapses in social distancing protocols that were put in place to make one of the first blockbusters to resume production during the pandemic. In this case, Cruise, also the film’s producer, helped developed the protocols meant to get the film through production that spanned from Italy to Norway and London. It is a massive undertaking, and there were reports of Covid issues during the Italy leg of the shoot, which reportedly shut the film down a couple of days
Cruise told the crew that if the behavior is repeated, those who are caught would be fired. He is very emotional in delivering the message, telling the crew that the industry is hurting, and most of the industry shut down, and that people are losing their homes as a result. Seeing through this movie to completion has been something of a mission for Cruise, who pushed to get back into production and who, behind the scenes, has used his time to advise other productions and studios on how they might also navigate in perilous times during the pandemic.


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