What are your thoughts on Fortnite Season X?


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Aug 1, 2019
So many gamers who play Fortnite have been waiting very patiently and excitedly for Season X of Fortnite. There had been a lot of things happening on the map that had made many Fortnite players curious as to what Season X would bring. Season X finally dropped today and whilst many gamers are happy with the new update, there are a few people that are not very happy at all with the update, in most cases it's been the map changes. Many people seem to have thought there would be a lot more map changes on the first update as we went into Season X but there only seems to be at least one change that I can see so far as well as some further updates of Mechs and other things. From my understanding the map will change on a weekly or daily basis, slowly bringing things back as well as changing things.

I myself am finding Season X to be very interesting, what are your thoughts on Season X on Fortnite?
So Fortnite season 10 is here as we all know, and I noticed the mech suits in the game players can go inside of and run around as a giant mech on the map. It seems quite overpowered though. I was playing custom games with my followers the other night and a few kept getting into mechs and it just seemed like a seriously unfair advantage. I had to actually ban the use of mechs from my custom games even though some kept using them regardless, but it's definitely something that may need a nerf in the future.
What are your thoughts on the new way challenges are being done on Fortnite Season X? For me I am actually liking the new way that challenges are done even though at first when Season X was released I was really confused at how things were working with the new set up. It seems that the way challenges are set now in Fortnite they are making it so you always have something to do in terms of challenges rather than getting several challenges a week that took you a few hours to complete.
I have added the update and it seems like it is taking forever to download. I hope to have fun in this season too. So far the game seems to be pretty interesting with new people added in it.

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