Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer set for December


Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer is set to release in December as part of a free update, Ubisoft has declared.

The update will be available from 3 December and will offer four-player co-op, alongside a new multiplayer-focused missions for groups of two to four players. Tactical Ops missions will also be offered up to teams of four, requiring “teamwork and efficiency”.

Moreover, an eight-player, free-for-all deathmatch using Spiderbots will also be added.

Watch Dogs Legion heads to PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and Windows PC on 29 October, then on Xbox Series X and Series S on 10 November, and finally on PS5 when available. A new story trailer featuring Zero Day was released today, watch below.


Watch Dogs Legion​

29 October 2020 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)​



I like how they specify that it is a free upgrade. It would be interesting to see the reaction if a company ever charged for multiplayer


The more I watch, the more interested I become. Will definitely be keeping an eye on this especially for next-gen

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