Twins born during pandemic named after coronavirus: "Corona" and "Covid"


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Dec 11, 2018
A couple has named their twins after the deadly pandemic they were born into as the pandemic continues to grip the globe.

Corona and Covid were reportedly born in a Raipur hospital amid a total lockdown in India on March 27.

Mum Preeti Verma, 27, told the Press Trust of India (PTI) she was “blessed” with a boy who they named Covid and a girl who they have called Corona.

Ms Verma said she and her husband chose the names to remind them of all the hardships they faced ahead of the delivery.
“Indeed the virus is dangerous and life-threatening but its outbreak made people focus on sanitation, hygiene and inculcate other good habits,” she said, offering some justification for the names.

She added even the hospital staff started referring to the twins as ‘Corona’ and ‘Covid’, and they decided to just roll with it.

However the couple did say they may change their children’s names in the future.
There have been 2567 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in India and 72 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins data. However health experts are bracing for the worst despite lockdown efforts to contain the disease.
This reminds me of a different story. Some parents named their kids Khaleesi and Danaerys.
They probably regretted it given the way the season went.

That reminds me of this because the parents named them after a certain thing.
What in the heck are those parent's thinking? Oh yeah, they weren't. Humanity is going to hate this virus for centuries, they don't need kids named after it.
I agree... poor kids will be forever associated with the pandemic (unless they change their names of course)!

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