Burglary increasing in Bay Area/San Fransico during coronavirus pandemic


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Dec 11, 2018
Someone smashed a window and broke into Jack Holder's in San Jose over the weekend, days after they provided free meals to more than 200 first responders.
The thieves stole tablets that linked the restaurants to DoorDash, a lifeline for a business surviving entirely on to-go orders.

“All our restaurants are down at least 80%,” said Hodler.
A burglar also broke into Loft Bar and Bistro in Downtown San Jose Friday morning. Straling alcohol and electronics and causing an estimated $5,000 in damage.
Some restaurant owners feel they are being targeted now because there are few witnesses around and they are one of the few businesses still operating during the shelter-at-home order.

In the East Bay, burglars recently broke into Slow Hand BBQ in Pleasant Hill grabbing a cash register.

However, restaurant owners are discovering that during recent break-ins there is a new trend in what's being taken.

Saira and Monica Gomez have a hard time watching the 20 different security videos recorded at their restaurant, Crossroad Pizza from a rash of 5 break-ins spanning 3 days.
"They took toilet paper, garbage bags, any household items we had and our Clorox wipes. Our cleaning supplies, bleach and everything for cleaning! They took sodas, booze, they tried to take our coffee machine and coffee blender too. I'd rather have that food go to our employees who aren't working now!" exclaims Saira.
Aldo Blasi, owner of Ristorante Milano in Russian Hill shared video of a recent attempted burglary where suspects not only used tools like wire cutters and a blowtorch to try and gain entry through the front door, they also tried the back, where the supplies are kept.

"I think it's a kind of desperation. These are desperate times as you say they can get supplies. All you can do is leave supplies and change them and secure them all the time." Says Blasi.
SFPD says they've seen a double-digit decrease in property crime compared to last year due to the shelter-in-place but are "aware of changes in crime trends" and say they'll adapt to the "ever changing environment."

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