[Top 10] Most Powerful Naruto Villains


Mar 24, 2023
Naruto is known as one of the "Big Three" in the anime world, and what's not to appreciate about it, from the well-written tale to the wonderful character development, not to mention the never-ending filler? (Although, much of the filler contributes to the story's backdrop.)

However, one of the best elements about Naruto is the villains, whom we loathe but still love. The following are the top ten most powerful Naruto villains (spoilers ahead):

10. Kisame Hoshigaki​

My massive blade, Samehada, doesn't slice... It streds to ribbons!

Kisame was a powerful swordsman from the Village Hidden in the Mist. Kisame murdered his mentor while still a member of the village after realizing that he was selling secrets to other villages and tricking Kisame into killing members of their own village. He'd then seize Samehada (one of the seven legendary swords) and join the Seven Swordsmen. Kisame later joined Akasaki and was teamed with Itachi Uchiha.

Naturally, they killed and captured everyone they needed to in order to achieve the Akasaki's goals. Kisame was dubbed the "tailless beast" because he possessed the same amount of chakra as a tailed beast. After TAKA failed to capture the eight tails, Kisame went after the eight tails himself but was stopped by Might Guy.

When Kisame realized he would lose the battle rather than being captured alive and interrogated, he ordered three sharks to kill him.

Why is Kisame Powerful?

  • One of the seven swordsmen
  • Joined Akatsuki
  • Partners with Itachi
  • Killed hundreds of people from various villages
  • Chakra levels close to tailed beast
  • Fought Might Guy (loss)
Kisame fight scene:

Might Guy vs Kisame

9. Danzo Shimura​

Emotion leads one to hate... and hate leads one to conflict and war

Danzo was a member of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, but his track record shows that all he did was solely for his own benefit. He was the leader of the Hidden Leaf's secret organization, ROOT, and is responsible for much of the series' destruction. ROOT was a highly selective, covert organization that was trained to carry out operations for the greater cause of the Hidden Leaf at any cost.

Danzo was only concerned with becoming Hokage and demonstrating the power of the Hidden Leaf. Danzo even attempted to assassinate the third Hokage (who was meant to be his friend) because he believed he was too weak for the role. Danzo is responsible for instructing Itachi to slaughter his entire clan; following that, Danzo grabbed several Uchiha Sharingan from the dead bodies and implanted them inside his body to use.

So it's only fair that Danzo died at the hands of Sasuke, the sole surviving member of the Uchiha clan.

Why is Danzo Powerful?

  • Worked with Orochmaru on experiments
  • Leader of ROOT
  • Gave the order for the assassination attempt on the third Hokage
  • Ordered Itachi to massacre his clan
  • Kept the ROOT organization running even after third Hokage disbanded it
  • Gave all ROOT members a curse seal under the tongue that would paralyze the body instantly so they wouldn't be able to revealed secrets of the organization
  • Harvested dead Uchiha eyes for his own power
Danzo fight scene:

Sasuke vs. Danzo - Full Fight | English Dub [1080p]

8. Kabuto Yakushi​

Go on! Tremble before my power! The power of a Sage

Kabuto was a major enemy in Naruto; he betrayed the Leaf, experimented on individuals, and set in motion the events that would lead to the Fourth Great Ninja War. Kabuto wasn't born in the Hidden Leaf. He was brought in as an orphan and taught Medical Ninjutsu before becoming a spy for Danzo and Orochimaru.

Kabuto decided he needed to discover an identity for himself, so he went into hiding. When he returned, he had transformed his body, mastered sage mode, and was ready to launch war on the ninja world.

Why Is Kabuto Powerful?

  • Used the second Hokage’s forbidden Jutsu (Reanimation Jutsu) to start a war
  • Perfected Sage mode on his own
  • Experimented and killed people when working with Orochimaru (legendary Sannin)
  • Practices Medical Ninjutsu
Kabuto fight scene:

Sasuke and Itachi vs kabuto full fight hd


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