Top 6 Most Powerful Anime Couples


These anime couples have some of the most powerful brains and bodies, easily ranking them among the most powerful couples.

Anime fans have had the opportunity to meet some very unique and sometimes controversial anime couples throughout the years. While many of these couples failed, others rose to become inspirational icons, inspiring all anime viewers to believe in genuine love. These rare couples not only have a tremendous love for one another, but they are also physically strong people who often fight fights together.

Anime fans may enjoy swoon-worthy action-packed romance tales while getting to know new anime couples, but they can also discover lots of inspiring anime about married couples. Fans may encounter ghouls, warriors, alchemists, ninjas, and even demons and gods in these intriguing tales, which feature some of the most distinctive pairings in anime.

1. Renji Abarai and Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach​

Renji and Rukia had one of the nicest love stories in Bleach, since they were friends before becoming lovers. They confronted some of the most cunning anime villains together and supported each other not just during combat but also as friends.

Renji and Rukia had known all there was to know about one other since they were orphaned Soul children, and by the time they became a couple, they already had a strong and loving connection. They immediately became one of Bleach's most popular couples, despite the fact that they are both highly formidable fighters on their own.

2. Asuna Yuuki and Kirito from Sword Art Online​

Asuna and Kirito, the famous and much adored love birds of Sword Art Online, swiftly became one of the most well-known anime couples in the world. They're both very adept fighters and two of the most powerful characters in Sword Art Online.

They had to fight numerous perilous conflicts together and brave incredible difficulties in order to escape SAO alive. This renowned anime pair always managed to care for not just one other but also other players, and they finally adopted a small daughter. Even when they returned to real life, their connection did not stop, and they continued to work on it to strengthen it.

3. Ken Kaneki and Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul​

While Ken and Touka are one of the darkest anime couples ever, they are also a terrifyingly powerful pair. They are the unexpected love birds of Tokyo Ghoul, who ended up supporting one other after they both become incredibly strong human-eating ghouls. While Touka was a natural ghoul, Ken was just half-ghoul, yet none of them wanted to harm humanity, so they worked together to achieve their aims.

Their friendship infused some much-needed brightness and optimism into Tokyo Ghoul's grim world. It's well-known as one of the darkest anime series of all time, so seeing a unique and really lethal anime couple's love story evolve was intriguing for anime viewers. They're also the anime pair that had to undergo some of the most harrowing experiences together before ultimately enjoying their happy ending as a married couple.

4. Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga from Naruto​

Naruto and Hinata are one of anime's most cherished and strong couples, having supported each other since they were youngsters. Hinata was the first person to trust in Naruto's ability, and her encouragement was crucial to Naruto.

They're both very powerful ninjas who have fought many terrible fights together against some of the greatest anime assassins and most dangerous villains. While Naruto's talents are more well-known, Hinata was one of Naruto's strongest ninjas, having special abilities that came in helpful throughout many of their escapades. Naruto and Hinata even had their well-deserved happy ending, ultimately marrying and raising their children together.

5. Goku and Chichi from Dragon Ball​

There is no more well-known and popular anime duo than Goku and Chichi. Dragon Ball's renowned anime duo had known each other since they were children and had many epic adventures. While Goku rose to become the Universe's most powerful martial artist, Chichi was also a skillful and powerful martial artist.

They had different goals, though, and while Goku was focused on becoming a great fighter, Chichi was focused on her family and raising her children. Despite their hardships, they were able to make their marriage work.

6. Meliodas and Elizabeth from The Seven Deadly Sins​

Meliodas and Elizabeth are not only the strongest anime pair, but also the most heavenly. They are the most popular duo in The Seven Deadly Sins and have fought numerous battles together. While Melodias was the most dreaded demon in the universe, Elizabeth was also a powerful goddess who could, to some degree, influence demons.

Their love grew slowly, but soon blossomed into a complete relationship, and after all the horrific battles, they defeated Cath and the Demon King as well. Elizabeth and Melodias were also married and had a son called Tristan.

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