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Jul 17, 2021
Here are some of the best jungle champions in League of Legends currently!

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Let us now discuss the role that has changed the most for the preseason and the upcoming season. Riot Games decided to take all of the fun out of the jungle role and simplify it so that even little Timmy, who had just installed the game, could play it. Of course, there is still a skill ceiling, but it isn't as high as it once was. This makes me sad because I enjoyed playing the most difficult role in League of Legends. When it comes to the new jungle changes, you can't double clear camps anymore, almost every champion in the game can now be a jungler thanks to the new items that add pets to the game, invading is now more difficult, and the little scuttle crab no longer has a shield.

The power shifted between the champions as a result of these changes. Many champions who used to be overpowered in the role have fallen, while others who were weak are now strong because you can no longer double-clear camps. I'll mention those champions and list the best jungle champions you can play right now in the game. I'll also give you some tips on how to play the champion and how to shine while playing a specific champion. Keep in mind that the power shift between champions has largely to do with new items being added and rebalancing some of the old items. With that knowledge let's get started!

15. Hecarim

“Behold, the might of the horse.”

To begin, we have Hecarim, who is half horse and half man. Hecarim used to be a terror on the Summoners Rift before the pre-season changes. If the champion had a slight advantage in gold and items, he could 1v9 the entire match. When it came to his jungle clears, he could easily do double camp clears and was one of the fastest champions to clear the jungle. Unfortunately, this has changed significantly due to the new rule that you can no longer double-clear camps. But Hecarim is still a formidable horse who refuses to relinquish the power bestowed upon him.

This is because he can still easily gank lanes and run over anyone as if he was a truck. That's due to his E "Devastating Charge"; the faster the champion moves, the stronger he is. Furthermore, if you use a pet that increases movement speed, this guy cannot be caught off guard. Because his Q "Rampage" ability gains attack damage every time it is used and a champion is hit, he can still easily be the center of attention in team fights. The cooldown is also reduced with each use of the ability, up to four times.

There's also the W "Spirit Of Dread," which heals Hecarim for the damage he dealt with the ability. Magic damage is dealt in an AoE radius around him by this ability. If the champion finds himself in an unfavorable situation, he can always easily escape using the R "Onslaught Of Shadows," which fear enemies on impact. This ability can also be used to engage in team battles or to dive opponents under objectives like turrets. Hecarim can still be the unstoppable force he was just a few weeks ago if you build him correctly for the current match.

What Makes Hecarim A Strong Jungler:

  • The W "Spirit Of Dread" heals him for a percentage of the damage he inflicts on jungle camps or champions. It's excellent for clearing the jungle and staying alive in team battles.
  • The R "Onslaught Of Shadows" is ideal for team combat or hunting down enemies hiding behind turrets.
  • Hecarim's E "Devastating Charge" deals more damage as his movement speed increases.
  • Hecarim deals more damage per charge with the Q "Rampage." It is possible to charge the ability up to four times.
See Hecarim In Action (Video By Challenger LoL Replays & VODS):


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