[Top 10] League of Legends Most Played ADC


Jul 17, 2021
Did you ever ask yourself what the most played ADC's are in League of Legends? Well worry not read it here!
[Top 10] League of Legends Most Played ADC

Did you sell your soul to the devil and spent countless hours in this game, being exposed to more toxicity than residents of Chernobyl in the’90ss? That's great, me too. I'll be talking about the most popular ADC champions being played right now in 1.16 version of League of Legends! I'll provide a video with the gameplay of the specific hero, explain why he's strong and worth picking. Alright, enough talking, let's get started with...

10. Ziggs

Ziggs have become death, the destroyer of the worlds. You can literally send a tactical nuke at the enemy champion's location from far away! I love the visuals and animations of this champion's abilities and he's OP as heck in terms of AoE damage and Crowd Control. Although hes usually picked on the bottom lane He is also effective on the midlane due to his massive burst damage potential. So, do you wish to commit some war crimes? Pick Ziggs today and drop some bombs on LoL kids trying to farm minions!

9. Jinx

Jinx is obviously a drug addict or suffers from a severe case of ADHD - but we are not here to discuss her well-being, we are here to discuss why she's badass! Her most iconic spell is her ultimate, which sends out a global rocket that increases damage as it travels. If you're playing against Jinx and you've noticed her rocket following you, make sure to stick to your teammates - so you can bring them to hell with you!! I believe that Jinx is a popular champion because of her borderline insane personality and her AoE-based spells. She does super well on the bot lane and doesn't struggle in 1v1's. Pick this champion if you really loved your ex-gf!