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Jul 17, 2021
Do you want to start reading the lore of the game but you have no idea where to start? If that's your problem then read this article! Because it's time to take a look at the most badass females in League of Legends!

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Have you gotten tired of constantly reading patch notes, and crafting new OP meta builds for your champion and you just want a way to relax and enjoy this beautiful world of Runeterra that Riot Games has given us but you don’t know how to? Well, what do you think about taking a look and reading up on some lore from some of your favorite champions! If you don’t know where to start with that, let me help you out.

Well, what do you say that today we list some of the most badass females from the League of Legends lore. The way that I’ll be ranking these champions is by their back story alone and what they have done in their past to achieve such a legendary status. I will not be looking at their in-game powers and how strong they are in certain matches. With that in mind let’s get into the article!

5. Katarina

“They won’t know what hit them!”

When it comes to badass females in League of Legends none other stands out like the badass assassin from the noble family Du Couteau. From a very early age Katarina always wanted to be like her father who was widely known as one of the best assassins in Noxus. She spent her whole childhood honing herself into the ultimate weapon she’s known today. After years of training she got her first contract to assassinate a line officer Demetrius of the opposing army and of course she was livid.

As that wouldn’t be enough to prove herself to her nation Katarina took it upon herself to assassinate the general of the opposing army. It was a flawless execution that the enemy didn’t even know he died until the morning they all woke up and he didn’t come out of his tent. But since every action has an opposite and equal reaction the line officer Demetrious her original target stormed the camp where her father and the Noxian army were holed up.

A lot of Noxian soldiers died that morning and her father, barely getting out alive, was angry at Katarina and the way that she acted. Knowing that she could never redeem herself again Katarina stormed off to find Demetrius and end him once and for all. After several hours of fighting Katarina managed to capture Demetrius and bring his head to her father’s feet, finally finishing the job that was originally given to her.

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