Tomo-Chan Is a Girl Episode 7 Review


The seventh anime episode of Tomo-chan Is a Girl has arrived, and this episode was really amusing with its eccentric characters and unexpected events. So, without further ado, let's get into this review.

We get insight into his background as he recalls specific situations. Jun relocated from Tokyo to Tomo's neighbourhood at a young age and initially had no friends. The only thing he did all day was play video games. This is when Tomo finds him and requests to play his game. She smashes the game by mistake, and this is the beginning of their friendship adventure.

From then on, Jun and Tomo would play together, but he would fall far behind due to his lack of athleticism. On sometimes, Tomo would also accompany Misuzu to play, and from the moment they first met, Jun and Misuzu hated one other. The event that strengthened the friendship between Jun and Tomo was when he was bullied and other children stole his game.

Tomo struggled against them and retrieved his game. But a weeping Jun, feeling grateful, surrendered his game to Tomo and pledged to retrieve it once he was stronger than her and able to defend her. Today he is more powerful than Tomo, but he refuses to admit it because he cannot accept the changes in his relationship with Tomo.

The next section focuses on the beach day spent by Jun, Tomo, Misazu, and Carol. He had elaborate ideas for how he would play with Tomo on the beach, but when he saw her in her bikini, he abandoned them all.

Tomo's well-endowed appearance in a bikini does not set well with him, despite his appreciation for large breasts. This passage was really amusing, as Jun's facial expressions made not just Misuzu but also me laugh out loud.

By the conclusion of the beach part, Misuzu was certain that Jun would never again see Tomo as anything other than a female. From now on, maybe there will be more romance between Jun and Tomo.

This episode was, as usual, filled with humorous and charming moments. In addition to our characters, Misuzu is always a joy to see since she contributes so much to the entertainment value.

Tomo-chan Is a Girl is available to watch on Crunchyroll.
Been desperate to check this one out, my friend has been watching it lately and absolutely raves about it. It does look quite fun!

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