1. Alex Wright

    Spy x Family Operation Strix (S0E01) Review

    Even when there is a large fan base anticipating the premiere of an anime series, the first episode is crucial. The great part is that hundreds of newcomers will tune in to Spy x Family for the first time and discover their new favourite show right away. Spy x Family is the brainchild of...
  2. Alex Wright

    Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Review

    Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga is a large game. I've only completed 38.84 percent of the game despite having beaten all 9 of the main series Star Wars films reproduced here. And, given that I'm enjoying the game's subsequent peripheral activity possibly more than the core experience, it...
  3. Alex Wright

    Shredders review: A perfect snowboarding game

    We've been waiting for Xbox console exclusive Shredders to arrive for a long time, especially since Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer mentioned it as a game he was looking forward to last year, and it finally arrives on Xbox Game Pass on March 17th. While Shredders is clearly a fun take on the...
  4. Alex Wright

    Gran Turismo 7 review: A stunning racing game

    The first Gran Turismo, released in 1997, was known for its graphic accuracy. Crowds would congregate around display screens in high-street stores, marvelling at the almost unbelievable degree of detail displayed in replays. Players have grown accustomed to such things after twenty-five years...
  5. Alex Wright

    Dealer's Life 2 review: Is it worth playing?

    In this Dealer's Life 2 review, the dealer's life has become a reality. Keep in mind that this is an Early Access product, so it doesn't include all of the promised features, but it's still a lot of fun. If you're a logical person, you've probably guessed that this is a sequel, and you'd be...