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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is now the top selling Resident Evil game to date!


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Yeah. This ain't the 2002 Capcom anymore.

First person should be reserved for spin off titles, but I guess eventually a sequel with this perspective had to happen. But I let it slide with RE7 for the most part. My leniency was due to me thinking it would be a one-off occurrence. But now RE8 is on the way. LOL!

The supernatural tone doesn't suit RE at all. Silent Hill, yeah, but not RE. The fixture of the series has always been pathogens and you know? Umbrella. Not the occult. šŸŗ
Well, I can't say I like that. It may have been a great horror game in general. BUT... I never really thought it made a fantastic RE game... and Chris looks dumb!
I agree with this statement so much. I've been a RE fan since RE2 on the PS1, and it was a fine horror game, but it wasn't resident evil. People always praised it for "going back to it's horror roots", and I'm thinking...did these people even play the old RE games? lol, They were corny as hell, and that was part of the charm. Even later entries were still great, but retained that corniness.


Formerly 'Tommy Atkins'
"Village" to me seems suspiciously like a side story game, in spite of it being a numbered entry that Capcom is attempting to downplay in their last interview.

RE4 from 2005 is set in a village and there is also a section with a castle. Should RE4 be remade, it would be easy to use the same assets from "Village" to save money and time, especially since I think Capcom wants to whore out these games way more frequently. Sadly, I don't think RE7 nor this sequel has much in the way of a resemblance to RE games of the Shinji Mikami era whatsoever. šŸ¤Ø

I reckon Chris will probably play a very minor role in the game, unless they expand his story through post launch DLC. Since Chris is probably the most major character in the long running series, showing him off in the promotional trailers and stuff is bound to get fans immediately excited. However, if I had to hazard a guess, he will likely just be at the start and probably at the end, so I doubt he'll be in the game in any huge capacity. Just fan service from Capcom for the hell of it, I believe.

Zombies don't care how meaty the bone is, so you may serve it up hot or cold. šŸ§Ÿ
Didn't they say that Village was originally another side story game, but they decided to just make it RE8 because they liked how it looked. RE2 and RE3 shows that there's still room for more classic RE style games, and I wish they would stick with that at least. Third person > First person for an RE game.

One of the things I hated is that they made the character in RE7 a faceless dude. Even when you played as another character, they still obscured his face. He was so forgettable that I forgot his name. I'm sorry but I HATE it when games do this. You are not putting me in the shoes of the PC, you are just making him more of a void where I can't connect with him. RE has always been about having recognizable and memorable characters, not blank slates.
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Formerly 'Tommy Atkins'
Oh, that's Ethan Winters. I think the game was a reboot in a way, so they wanted to use someone normal. They probably wanted a protagonist kind of like Harry Mason or James Sunderland from the Silent Hill series.

Yeah. It was meant to be the third Revelations game. Alex Wesker debuted in the second part to that sub-series, so that makes sense. I think they toyed with the idea of making Rebecca Chambers a playable character. Something impressed them enough to want to turn it into a mainline installment.

Supposedly, the creepy woman with the blonde hair and hat that you see in the trailer is in fact Alex Wesker. It hasn't been confirmed by Capcom yet, but a user on Twitter called "Dusk Golem" is well known as an insider of sorts, so people turn to him for the latest rumblings online. He said that it was her. Although she looks visibly older, as does Chris. Maybe that also makes sense, as she looked monstrous just before transferring her mind into Natalia in her deformed state. She committed suicide with a gun, but then returned as a monster. The game had a confusing timeline, as it wasn't in the right order, but Barry doesn't show up at the same time as Claire and Moira, as they were captured 6 months earlier. Basically, I think Alex was reborn as Natalia after she grabs her during the last boss battle. At least, that was implied at the end when you saw Natalia sitting in a bedroom, talking like Alex.

It's about time Billy Coen returned. They seem to have forgotten about Sheva as well. She killed Albert Wesker with Chris, so surely she should hold a place in history big enough to warrant bringing her back. But stupid Capcom won't do that, because not having her in her native Africa wouldn't feel right, or something. Only they know for sure why she has yet to return...

There's so much convoluted aspects to the games that it's hard to even keep up with things at this rate. But one thing is for sure: I think the Capcom from 20 years ago has been neutered, because the current Capcom puts out nothing like Capcom did around 2002. šŸ™ƒ
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