Recommendations for turn-based fantasy mobile games?


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Feb 1, 2019
I've been playing Fate: Grand Order, Fire Emblem: Heroes, and Onmyoji for quite some time now, and as much as I enjoy them, they're starting to go stale for me. Would anyone happen to have any recommendations for a relatively new turn-based fantasy game on mobile? I don't mind if they have gatcha aspects and whatnot. Something aesthetically pleasing or unique art-wise would be a definite plus.
Final Fantasy Record Keeper is the only one I play. Almost zero story, just assemble a team of your favorite heroes and fight classic bosses using the SNES style sprites and ATB. Great nostalgia trip and impressive difficulty and depth at the current end game. Free to play is possible for all content as well provided you are patient.
There's this game called Evoland 2 which I find to be really good but unfortunately, it isn't free.
I don't like mobile games and it's actually the reason why I haven't played much games with it. Although, I have played a few soccer or football games making use of my mobile phone but not too much.

I can recommend playing Final Fantasy games on mobile.
I used to play POX NORA. But I believe it's not out for a mobile, and to be honest, probably gone on the PC as well, sadly...
Have you tried Final Fantasy? There are many other similar games with turn based strategy there. Though a lot of turn based games tend to be repeat in their approach for the game play. Also suggested earlier Evoland is one good option. And it is available on the Android. Both the versions are there on Android.

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