Recommendations for life simulation games


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Aug 22, 2019
Hello! Im not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but since I have poor experiencie in variety of games, I wanted to ask to someone.
I loved Rune Factory 4, this mix between caring for animals/farm/your village and rpg fightings and of course... the romance in the story.
I wanted to know if there is any game like rune factory 4. My principal interest is the dating, but I dont want it to be the main plot of the game... dont know if Im making my point right.
Harvest moon and Story of seasons... well, I enjoyed them but the charachters and romance are childish and even sometimes simple.
Stardew Valley and World's Dawn? Damn I surely tried to play them. Im just used to portatil consoles. I have PPSSPP, Drastic and Dolphin on my phone and a nintendo 2ds. So any game I can play with an emulator (not on a PC emulator please) would do. Ah! Fire emblem fates and the others are cool, but I just hate te tactics games, I like more the turn fights or even more just rpg.
Any game like this? I maybe asking too much. Ah, another thing, Im straight girl... sooo games with a lot of romance but for guys wont do...
Thanks if anyone knows anything.

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