Recommendations for PS4 steering wheel and pedals


Feb 13, 2020

I'm looking not only for recommendations but have a question or 2 answered.
From reading online the Logitech G29 seems to get raved about. Some saying offers some features that you usually only find in more expensive models. I assume the G29 is the cheapest I'm going to get a decent wheel for?

I've never used a wheel on any consoles before so when it comes to the realistic feel and the force feedback I read about. Does this have to be customised manually to your situation.
For example of you're on a game driving a sports car down a motorway, it's going to feel different than driving a truck through mud.
Does the wheel and the game automatically programme all this or do you have to change settings?
The last time I played with a wheel controller on a console was during the Nintendo 64 days so a lot of what I remember might no apply.
From my experience then, you didn't have to adjust anything. The commands would align to the wheel and pedals set up when you use a racing game since most of them seem to try to keep the same buttons for the same kind of action. I think for the PS4 L2 tends to be used as the brake pedal an R2 for the accelerator.

You can try checking for a list of compatible games and with those games as far as I've read it is plug and play. So basically for those games that are compatible, the whole force feedback would be coming automatically according to what I was reading, if I understood that correctly. I ignore if they have extra options to tweak your experience, but I'd imagine that by default those options would be on.

Logitech got a list of compatible games with the G29 on their website. For the other games, I'd imagine you could try changing the layout of the buttons to match the wheel, but you will be dependant on just how much each game allows you to customize your controller.

Anyway, hopefully someone with more recent experience than me can come and give you a much better answer than mine.
If its getting raved reviews from more than just one site (manufacture site never counts) then it is a very safe bet it is worth sinking money into. Never used one myself but sounds like a good deal.

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