Quantum Error Gameplay is similar to Dead Space, DOOM 3


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Dec 12, 2018
Few details are known about TeamKill Media’s cosmic horror title, Quantum Error. A new bit of information surfaced recently, however, cluing us into the team’s gameplay inspirations. Most notably, developers have revealed that players should anticipate a gameplay experience “very similar” to the likes of Dead Space and DOOM 3.

During an interview with GamingBolt, TeamKill Media’s Dakoda Jones and Micah Jones noted their approach to gameplay in Quantum Error takes cues from the aforementioned titles. Puzzles will be sprinkled throughout the experience as well, making for somewhat of a slow-paced shooter. According to the developers,

Gameplay will be very similar to a game like DOOM 3 or Dead Space (but in first-person). It will be a slower paced FPS trickled with a variety of mechanics that revolve around the main character’s skills as a firefighter. We plan to have puzzles throughout where you may need to use a halligan bar to break open certain things or areas, rooms that if not vented will explode if the door is opened, moments where you have to manage oxygen levels, etc.
The two developers touched on how horror will play into Quantum Error, too. In this regard, the main focus is on crafting an eerie atmosphere that pervades throughout, without relying on jump scares or other typically cheap gimmicks.

With QE we are going for shooting mechanics first as that is the primary gameplay involved. However, when it comes to building the horror aspect of the game it will be done in a way that promotes atmosphere over anything scripted. No jump scares or anything cheap like that. The game’s entire atmosphere will be the embodiment of eerie.
Quantum Error is currently in development for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. The team recently said that while production progresses smoothly, it remains too early to say whether or not the horror title will hit the PlayStation 5 at launch.


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