Quantum Error Developer On Possible Xbox Series X Version: “We Won’t Say Never”


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Dec 12, 2018
Speaking recently with GamingBolt, TeamKill’s Dakoda Jones and Micah Jones told GamingBolt that though they remained focused on the game’s PlayStation development for now, they haven’t completely shut the door on an Xbox release down the line. “We won’t say never,” they said. “However, at this time our focus is with PlayStation.”

That said, it’s very likely that a Nintendo Switch version probably won’t be coming out anytime soon, with the developers saying they don’t believe “the Switch would be able to handle” the visual fidelity they are aiming for with Quantum Error.

So why exactly did they choose to launch as a PlayStation exclusive? TeamKill Media feels comfortable with its relationship with Sony, and feels the game will run best on PlayStation platforms.

“There are many reasons,” they said, when asked about why they decided to release as a PlayStation exclusive. “The simplest being we are comfortable with the PlayStation system, our relationship with Sony has been amazing and feel that our game will run its very best on the PlayStation platform.”


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