Quantum Error Dev: Cerny Is A Genius, PS5 Feels Designed with Developers In Mind; Zen 2 Is Exciting


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Dec 11, 2018
Quantum Error is one of the very few games confirmed for Sony's PlayStation 5 console, alongside Godfall, Lord of the Rings Gollum, and Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

A 'cosmic horror' first-person shooter game in development at indie studio TeamKill Media, the game got its debut trailer in late March.

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The developers of Quantum Error have appeared in an interview published on the latest Official PlayStation Magazine (June 2020, issue 175). TeamKill Media President Micah Jones enthusiastically shared the studio's excitement for PS5 Lead System Architect Mark Cerny and the console he designed.

We feel the man is an absolute genius! It felt like the system is designed with developers in mind. We are really excited about the Zen 2 CPU, which will make things possible on PS5 that were not on PS4. Also, the Tempest audio engine explanation made us squeal like little excited kids! The HRTF and sound experience that we will be able to create for our players is truly groundbreaking with the PS5.
TeamKill Media is attempting to make Quantum Error a launch title for PlayStation 5, though that's not guaranteed to happen just yet, according to Jones.

We fully expect we can achieve an early PS5 launch for Quantum Error. However, we dream and pray we could release as a PS5 launch title, and believe if you set your mind to something and work hard you can achieve anything.
Quantum Error will also be released on PlayStation 4, anyway, and while the folks at TeamKill Media are optimizing for PlayStation 5 first, the goal is to deliver 60 frames per second gameplay even on the aging PS4 hardware - though that won't be at 4K resolution.

Our goal for Quantum Error is 60fps even on the PS4, and with the specs of the PS5, we believe it is achievable with pushing it to hit 4K with that framerate. Our focus is on PS5 first and then to optimise for PS4. We are open to a timed exclusive or full exclusive.
We'll keep tracking the development progress of this interesting PlayStation 5 game. Meanwhile, stay tuned for all the latest PS5 news.

As far as the design is concerned I think the PS 5 specs are definitely good. And for the developers, they have pretty much smart SDK too. It's just that we have to wait and see how the deployment on the Sony PS 5 would work out. I think as the games are concerened, I think PS 5 is a good platform for devs.

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