Quantic Dream doesn't 'make games for fags,' says founder


Quantic Dream doesn't "make games for fags" according to a quote by founder David Cage.

As reported by French website Solidaires Informatique, Cage was visibly in tears as part of legal proceedings between Quantic Dream and Le Monde & Mediapart before making his statement.

A translation from the website reads:
[Cage was] stammering, in tears, exclaiming ‘you interfere in my business!’ before leaving the courtroom, fleeing from the defense lawyers’ plea. It is obvious that it was difficult for him to talk about honor when mentioned a list of remarks he had made in public: ‘anyway, in my games, all women are whores’, ‘in the open space, there is a lack of tits’ or ‘at Quantic Dream, we don’t make games for fags’.

During the same proceedings, Quantic Dream CEO Guilliame de Fondaumiere allegedly asked if he could lie as he was not under oath.

In May 2019, Quantic Dream was being investigated by Games Workers Unite over sexual harassment claims. Prior to that, in April 2019, Quantic Dream sued Le Monde & Mediapart over toxic working conditions.
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