Play Your Cards Right: The Best Let it Ride Strategy Tips


When Let It Ride was released in 1993, the game's developer might not have anticipated the impact the game would have on the gaming industry. The game's popularity has made it one of the top picks for many online gamers. However, like any other game, you need some critical tips to help you have a better gaming experience.

First, most online casinos offer a wide range of poker game variants, along with poker sites not on Gamstop UK if you are on Gamstop. This article provides some critical tips you need to be a successful Let it Ride player.

1. Play Your Cards Right​

Let It Ride is a blend of poker and blackjack. The game requires players to use strategies to make intelligent decisions during each hand. In short, you must discern when to let the wager ride and when to take them back.

The game's goal is to assess your first three cards and judge them based on the poker hands made. You need more than three cards to appraise hand strength if you are a newbie. Here are the hands you should let ride:

  • Any three to a Royal Flush
  • Any paying hand( three of a kind, a pair of tens, or better)
  • Three to a straight flush with at least two high cards

2. Slow Down Things a Bit​

The pace of play is an aspect of casino gameplay that many players ignore. Every game has different mechanics and rules. It helps to know the pace of play of the games you enjoy.

Your objective is reversed when playing a game like Let It Ride, which has a higher house edge. Instead of trying to play more hands per hour, smart players usually try to take fewer hands in the course of a session.

So, when you're playing Let It Ride, ensure you do everything in your power to reduce the pace of play probably 40 hands per hour. Reducing the number of hands per hour does not sound like much. But, each hand incurs a 3.51% house edge; therefore, removing them from your ledger will save you a few bucks.

3. Let It Ride Side Bets are not Reasonable!​

It would help if you avoided Let It Ride side bets as much as possible. For example, the five-card bonus side bet that offers additional jackpots for forming top-quality poker hands has a 13.77% house edge. The waters are muddied further by alternative pay tables available on live and online venues.

4. Start With Free Games​

Like any other online casino game, consider playing Let It Ride Poker for free when starting. The beauty of starting with free games is that it allows you to make mistakes without losing any cash.

Free games also allow you to attempt strategies you have learned elsewhere. Once you have mastered Let It Ride basics, you can start playing for real cash.

Final thoughts​

Let It Ride is a popular online poker variant that every poker fan should consider playing. However, the practice makes perfect mantra applies to the game. Use the tips shared here to get started, and you'll be off to an excellent start. Are you ready to Let It Ride?

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