Paper Mario: Color Splash is the worst game I've played to date


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Oct 25, 2019
Nintendo sank to an all time low when they made Paper Mario: Color Splash. It is a piece of crap. I hate it so much that I must let others know how crappy it is. It's very difficult. It's way too hard to beat. Paper Mario for the N64 was brilliant, and it was one of my favorite N64 games. But Color Splash for the Wii U sucks. It sucks!

I paid $15.00 for Paper Mario: Color Splash at Walmart but I paid $14.99 too much. Please don't make the same mistake that I made. DON'T BUY THIS GAME. I'm going to trade this game in at GameStop. They may only give me five to ten cents credit for it, but I'll take it. I'll do anything to get rid of this piece of crap that Nintendo calls a game.

If Nintendo makes a Paper Mario game for the Switch, I hope they'll try to make a good game. Out of all of the Wii U games that I've played, Paper Mario: Color Splash is the worst.
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I completely forgot they made that game, it was the sticker game that killed my love for the RPG game series. I really wish they remake something like the first paper mario or join with SE again and make a new type of Super Mario RPG 7 stars.

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