Little Nightmares Gameplay Walkthrough


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Feb 7, 2019
If you like horror and the platformers then the little nightmare is one game you should check out. Here you have to find your way out of the lighthouse. So you start from the bottom of the house and go on upto the top of the lighthouse to the final door. It's one fun game and it will keep you busy for hours. And also it can be pretty harder to solve in some cases as well. Check out the demo to see what I mean.

This thing is creepy. So glad I have found your thread with this video. 34:43 this part is very spine chilling for me, don't know why...
I think the gamer in the video has played it without dying which is a feat in itself. I still can't survive long and have to rely on lot of time spending to save myself. It's creepy that way.

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