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Jan 19, 2023

Ok ya i guess i'll tackle this one you know i was excited about this game but a little worry first was the long developments and that bring back outlast 2 flashback so i was a bit wary. but to get into what happened after the first game. well there was the dlc secret of the morgue and if you play that game it was basically it was a taste of what little nightmare 2 would have down the line there even some monsters were hinted in that bit of dlc . there was a 2 issue comic book by titan comic and it ok the art style is a little wonky but it works fine. There was another one that acted as a sneak peek for the game and this one was great with a lot of visual effects. You can download this one and give it a read .there was very little nightmare a title that i ask why wasn't this free to play it not that long and mostly take place in this one location with 2 monster ya i suggest you just look up a plot summary just to get the lore stuff and it connection to 2 ya that all i have to say so let get into the game


Ok what the plot.well you play as mono who fine a girl who reveal to be six as soon they escape the wood they soon find them going thru a city with a signal tower i would say it more little nightmares but that not the case pale city in my option is sorta leser morgue dang replaying this again the sequel feel leser dang if you tell me with area like and enjoy it the first three area the hunter despite it being sort area was good and a good introduction to the game. the teacher and the moving doll being unsettling with the teacher ability to extend her neck there was a few time where i made d line to thing i need to collect to progress and run and was almost caught and the doll despite being not that.much scary are enjoyable still. Then there doctor despite only appearing near the tell end of the section i was like what the f%*k. ya that it the pale people are a bore the tall man despite having good design as take down without much fanfare.remember how i said this game was basically a 3d limbo well the problem i had with that game is was there was so munch optical there never a moment were i slow down to look around and enjoy the environment and in the last game there was moment where you slow down on the puzzle to see your surrounding and your environment there only a few area like that but it either a stealth area or something generic now the game design is great and like i said the first 3 monster are great especially with there design but the rest of the im not feeling it and the most sad thing is that there was cut content and 2 cut monster being the barber and the lunch lady and by the look of it they would have been good monster even if the lunch lady was a sort segment in the school section then there the pale people who were going to have a tv show sitcom feel to them and while hearing this i'm asking why why was this cut and i know it sound like i'm not enjoying this game but do enjoy it it just this game should be bigger and better then the first but it don't and that the problem there not that munch improvement ya there the partner mechanic but is it any differnt then playing ico or the last of us.

Final thought

Like i said it may sound like i didn't like it it sound like i'm one of the gamer that having any new thing or improvements but im not that way i enjoy the mario games i love metroid despite not adding much mechanic dang i play kirby for crise shake i thought this game was mid slash ok game it not that great there were section i enjoy the rest of the game is boring sometime the way i can describing is like playing bayonetta 2 there not that munch new and the journey do not stay it welcome thought were my thought i hope you enjoy and if you have any other game to suggest i should put them down in the comment slash thread i hope you enjoy and good bye

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