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May 13, 2021
Spoilers alert! Here are the notes of the Telling Lies playthrough from some players. Let’s check it out!


His real name is David Smith.

His wife, Emma, stays away from him because he is on an undercover FBI mission.

The officer’s name is David Jones. His persona is a 28 year old man from Detroit who moved to LA and ended up selling t-shirts in Venice, LA.

Become a film producer by making crappy horror films.

He then moved to Ann Arbor (that’s the location of the game) to start a new life. The boss’s name is Mike.

He has a daughter named Alba. David often calls her and tells her bedtime stories.

Alba lost her tooth, her mother then pulled it out while she was sleeping. He calls her worm toy “glowey”.

Later in the game, Alba sends a webcam to David, Ava accidentally replies and introduces herself. David had to explain who Alba was.

For this mission, David moved to a new house in 1396.

Then he received a boat called the “Little Mermaid”. David started calling a waiter, unlike other clients who just wanted to talk. Camgirl calls him “Davey”. David is a juvenile delinquent. Coming from a family of police officers, he wanted to be an FBI agent from an early age. He once killed a man. You later find out his name is Paul, Emma’s ex-girlfriend. He shot him in the lungs.

Collecting vinyl. He likes Chinese food.

Telling Lies - Walkthrough
Telling Lies – Walkthrough
Mission: “Prosperen is building a liquid gas pipeline (“Sovereign Pipeline”) across the heart of Michigan” “The pipeline would transport gas for export and sale outside of America”.

Activists are trying to stop the construction of this pipeline by force. David plans to arrest members of this criminal activist organization Green Storm. David uses Ava’s friend Eric to meet Riordan (presumably from Green Storm’s inner circle).

She went to protests several times with organizing groups, Ava went with her to group meetings at the Jasmine Center but not to protests. David was beaten in protest. Peter is beaten by David and attacked by the police for containing drugs. David is able to prove that one of the group’s members, Chris, is actually Simon McMillan, a spy who works for Prosperen. Later, David met Riordan on his ship, Little Mermaid. David persuades Riordan and some of the other Green Storm members to blow up the bridge to slow down the pipeline.

At this point, David becomes too emotionally attached to the mission, the group, Ava and her newborn baby. His boss starts to pressure David into having a plan to go out, but David is far away.

The FBI has invaded the group, the organizing group is gone. Ava is attacked. Eric spent 2 weeks in prison. Disqualified from FBI operations, David is forced to flee his life as a cop. David becomes depressed and tries to get back to Ava and the baby, but to no avail. He and Emma are no longer together and have to share time with Alba.

In the end, David decided to complete the mission by blowing up the bridge from his boat. It killed him too.

Water is life.


She refers to David as “Davey”.

She tells David that she is French, her favorite movie is Lady Eve and her real name is Michelle.

She lies about her past when David first asks her, saying she was a ballet teacher, worked for the Paris Opera Ballet, started with Nutcracker and the Lilac Fairy in The Sleeping Beauty.

David saw through her lie and Michelle admitted it was just her mother’s story. Growing up, she wanted to be an astronaut.

She tells David that she has fallen in love with a criminal, his name is “Max”. One summer day in Paris, she loses her virginity to a police officer in order to blackmail a police officer into helping Max.

Her father, a powerful judge, sends her to America after he finds out she is sleeping with Max, where she meets her future husband, a banker, who treats her badly.

The husband was later jailed for insider trading.

Telling Lies - Walkthrough
Telling Lies – Walkthrough
She has a minimum education. There is a tattoo on the left zipper, it says “Max” (ex-boyfriend’s name).

She tells David that she sold real estate in New York.

Used to wear sexy clothes and seduce men to buy houses.

A brunette friend introduced her to camming. She practices yoga and wants to run a marathon.

She later confessed to David that he worked in real estate and owned two apartments.

Husband is the cargo dock supervisor and knows what she is doing and agrees.

None of the names she gave him were real.

Lives in Cleavelent, Ohaio. All of David’s sessions are recorded on video.

David asks Harry to find this girl. David visits Maxine Williams and is shot in the leg. She now has no husband and Max calls the police Davy. Mike is then seen telling David how hard it is to clean up this “mess”.

Prince Charming Eighty, Red Lord Fifty Five, Sandman Extra, Knight Eighty One, Cardinal Eighty Nine and Hungry Peter all visit her show.

You later discover that “Knight Eighty One” is actually David trying to evade a possible ban after Max gets mad at him and tells him his true story and location.

It seems that David can’t “get off” from this, he can be heard saying “assh*le”, implying that he is disappointed in himself in this relationship.

Camgirl is irrelevant to the Green Storm/Pipeline plot.

However, he told us about his worries and personal origins, while David confines himself to his most personal details in “Max”.

In the end, we don’t really know if some of the details he provides are correct (other than the ones at the end), it’s almost a play of lies and a metaphor for what David did with Emma, Ava, and his circle of friends.


Telling Lies - Walkthrough
Telling Lies – Walkthrough
Ava’s age is 19. She works at a record store.

Friends with Eric. She doesn’t like Peter, her ex-boyfriend. He may have drugged and abused her when she was 16.

At the age of sixteen he wrote songs and played in a cover band called “Jane Dean and the Rebels”, then gave concerts.

David calls her “boo”, and she calls him “pookie”.

Ava is the key to David’s meeting with Peter and Eric.

A meeting with Ava is planned and the police use the code “Snow White” to refer to her. He was with David when he walked into his shop asking for an Iggy Pop album.

She introduced David to her parents. Dad is Barry. Mother is Mary. Both live in Florida.

Ava sleeps with David, becomes pregnant by David (at silver ridge). Then the baby was born, a girl named NOT “Jane” – found it’s “Star”.

She informs David that she is pregnant for the first time on his ship, while at the same time showing trepidation about continuing the mission.


Telling Lies - Walkthrough
Telling Lies – Walkthrough
She’s a nurse.

David meets Emma when he is assigned to protect and watch over her after her ex-boyfriend starts raping her.

She saw David kill Paul, it still bothers her. Emma said she could have stopped the bleeding but decided against it. It’s a burden on her.

She plays tennis, her ex (Paul) also plays tennis.

Emma’s mother, Laura, falls ill. She later dies at 4am on March 14, 2018.

Her father’s name is Daniel.

Emma meets a new anesthesiologist while David is on a mission, Steven, then has sex with him. The time David spends without Emma only shows how fragile their relationship really is.

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