Kinda Funny 2021 Announcements


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Dec 24, 2020

Every Weekday
Kinda Funny Games Daily
2 hours of Twitch streaming
- Monday & Tuesday: Nick and Andy
- Wednesday: Greg
- Thursday: Blessing
- Friday: Group stream

Every Week
Kinda Funny Xcast
PS I Love You XOXO
Kinda Funny Gamescast
In Review (twice a week)
Kinda Funny Podcast (twice a week)
First Impressions
A weekly recap show with highlights from the previous week's Twitch streams

Other Shows
The Blessing Show - a bi-weekly show where Blessing talks about what is going on in gaming in under 10 minutes
KF Next Gen Podcast - a Patreon-exclusive monthly podcast with Blessing, Barrett and Roger

Other Announcements
- SnowBike Mike and Roger Pokorny are becoming full time hires. Mike will be a "host" on the daily Twitch streams while Roger will be an editor and appear on content.
- Kinda Funny Spotlight: Each week, they will bring on someone from the industry with "diverse backgrounds and varied life experiences" to talk about games.
- Kinda Funny Xcast can now be watched live as it is recorded and is receiving a post-show for Patrons. Parris is joining part time as the third chair to replace Alanah.

Thermometer Goals
$5k - Barrett's Assassin's Creed in Review
$10k - John Wick in Review
$15k - Another 12-hour stream
$17.5k - Edgar Wright in Review
$20k - Kinda Hunny Special
$22.5k - Magic Mike in Review
$25k - "Kinda Funnies" Weekly Comics for 6 months
$27.5k - Barrett's Batman Arkham Video Essay Series
$30k - Greg Plays inFAMOUS (Full Playthrough)
$35k - Jurassic Park in Review
$40k - The Blessing Show pilot season is doubled
$45k - KF/AF Special Event (i.e. Nuggdome)
$50k - Greg Miller Community Podcast-athon
$75k - Pixar in Review
$100k - TBA

In just the FIRST DAY, we've hit $50K! Insane. We're doing everything on the thermometer (except the stretch goals for now) and we can't WAIT to do it all with you this year

Let's close out our first 12 hour stream for January with the KF Podcast!


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