I've sold my PS4, Xbox One for PS5, Xbox Series X

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So I woke up this morning turned on my tv and sat down and looked at my tv unit and now it looks so empty. Only the switch left... it was with a heavy heart I said goodbye to my xbox and ps4 yesterday.

Reason for this is obvious let's get the xbox series x and ps5 ;)

Anyway look at my empty setup now :( oh wait it wont let me post image as it's to large from taking picture on my phone.
Certainly an interesting decision, and at least you left yourself with a Switch! Can't say I'd buy a launch console these days, there are never any great games and there are usually a fair few bugs needing worked out. I tend to wait between 6 months and a year to let the bugs get worked out, the library build up a bit and then take the plunge. Hopefully the launch games this time around will be worthwhile, because it does seem like a lot of people are pre-ordering already. Good luck!
I agree with your decision, however, due to the coronarvirus it seems there will be potential significant delays with the release of the next gen consoles. Good thing you kept the Switch!

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