Dead Space Remake | PS5 - Xbox Series S|X - PC | Graphics Comparison

Nermin Ljaljic

New member
Jan 29, 2023
- Quality mode improves volumetric lighting, ambient occlusion, shadows and some post-processing effects on PS5/XSX. However, these changes are hardly noticeable.
- PC features better textures, anisotropic filtering, shadows and volumetric effects. In any case, the consoles are equivalent to the high PC settings.
- PC Ray-Tracing and PS5/XSX quality modes add a more accurate ambient occlusion of certain elements. Reflections and shadows do not have Ray-Tracing in any version.
- Xbox Series S does not have Ray-Tracing and has some cutbacks in lighting, textures and shadows.
- PS5 has a more aggressive VRS, causing more noticeable artifacts compared to Xbox Series X (minute 2:33).
- Dead Space Remake has one of the best lighting and sound systems I've ever seen. The fact that there is virtually no baked lighting is impressive (and tremendously demanding).
- PS5 has slightly slower load times relative to Xbox Series, though monorail rides last just as long.
- Overall, it's a solid job on all platforms, but Motive's decisions around lighting among other post-processing effects I believe are to blame for the lower resolution on consoles.


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