Reviews Insurgency: Sandstorm Best Snipers (From Worst To Best)


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Jul 17, 2021
Here's my article about the best sniper rifles in the game!

Read the full article here:

It is time we finally ranked all the sniper rifles in Insurgency: Sandstorm. There are a total of 7 sniper rifles in Insurgency: Sandstorm, and I’m going to rank them from the best ones to the worst ones.

Some sniper rifles have higher penetration, while others can’t even go through some furniture. The way I’ll be ranking these sniper rifles is by their strengths alone and how useful they can be in different combat situations. With that, let’s get into the article!

7. Mosin-Nagant

The WW2 sniper rifle.

Although this sniper rifle might be a fan favorite amongst people who love WW2 weapons, in reality, it isn’t that great. It’s a bolt-action sniper rifle, which means that you have to reload it after every shot. Because of that, it isn’t that good at killing multiple targets at once.

The weapon does have some decent penetration. The only time I suggest that you pick this weapon is when you’re playing in the PvE game mode or if you’ve already spent all of your points on your equipment and utility.

Mosin-Nagant Stats:

  • Cartridge - 7.62x52mmR Armor Piercing
  • Vertical Recoil - 41
  • Horizontal Recoil - 32
  • Muzzle Velocity - 865 m/s
  • Rate of Fire - 55 rpm
  • Penetration - 664 pp
  • Magazine Capacity - 5 rounds
  • Reserve Ammunition - 5+20 rounds
  • Supply Points - 1
  • Weight - 10%
What Mosin-Nagant Excels In:

  • It doesn’t cost a lot of supply points to use.
  • It’s great against single targets.
  • It has decent penetration.
How To Get Mosin-Nagant:

  • You can obtain the weapon once you pick the marksman class in the Insurgent Forces.

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