Reviews Insurgency: Sandstorm Best SMGs (From Worst To Best)


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Jul 17, 2021
Here are some of the best SMGs in the game!

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Do you love playing on maps that are mostly close-quarters and are pretty claustrophobic? Well, if you do, then you should be using an SMG. Maybe you already use one but you’re not sure which is the better. Well, no worries, as today I’ll help you out with that.

In this article, I’ll rank all of the SMGs from the worst to the best. The way I’ll be ranking these SMGs is by their stats alone, not by their looks. The stats are all that matter here. There are a total of seven SMGs in the game. So with that, let’s get into this article!

7. Grease Gun

Another WW2 weapon.

The first weapon on this list is a gun from the WW2 era, and surprisingly, it’s good. A fun fact about this gun is that it got its name “Grease Gun” because it looks like a mechanic’s tool for cars. Kind of interesting, if you ask me.

When it comes to the weapon, it doesn’t have a high fire rate, but it does have some decent penetration. It can go through most wooden objects and some metal sheets, but that’s about it. You won’t be able to kill a whole squad with this gun, that's for sure.

Grease Gun Stats:

  • Cartridge - .45 ACP
  • Vertical Recoil - 16
  • Horizontal Recoil - 16
  • Muzzle Velocity - 280 m/s
  • Rate of Fire - 451 rpm
  • Penetration - 276 pp
  • Magazine Capacity - 30 rounds
  • Reserve Ammunition - 3 mags
  • Supply Points - 2
  • Weight - 12%
What Grease Gun Excels At:

  • It has decent penetration.
  • The gun has almost no recoil, and it’s easily controllable.
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of supply points.
How To Get a Grease Gun:

  • You can obtain the weapon when you pick the breacher class in the Security Forces.

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