If you lost your memory, what would be the first game you would play?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
A fun one this, imagine if you were in a scenario where you lost all your memories of ever having played all these fantastic games. I was wondering what would be the one game that you would love to play again, from scratch, with no memory of the first time you played it. What game would that be? And why that game?

For me, the game I would love to experience all over again would be GTA SA - as I've said in other threads, it was my childhood game so to speak so I would be delighted to go through that joy all over again.

What about you?


Mar 23, 2019
Would be pokemon lets go Pikachu or Pokemon Red and Blue. I think that's the main game that might jog some of my memories. Mainly because I played it at such a young age. I remember being 10 years old playing Red and Blue on the game boy color and also gold and silver. I played the hell out of those games when I was a kid. Would probably help me remember after a while.


Mar 27, 2019
Assuming my amnesia is general and not just for the game I am picking that'd be Breath of the Wild. When Iw as growing up Ocarina of Time blew my mind and submerged me into this Hyrule kingdom. Right now I can only imagine how cool it is for kids of this generation getting their mind blown and invested with Breath of the Wild. I just think it'd be a great experience to have that be my first videogame ever.

If the amnesia is just on the game I pick then it is harder since the person I am today might affect the experiences of playing a game today. If I played OoT today y experiences with Twilight Princess and other recent titles (Zelda or not) would probably reduce a lot of the impact this game originally had for me.... crap, I am overthinking things again, aren't I?


Feb 7, 2019
I think for me it can be pretty difficult to start with. I may start with something on the phone and play some basic games. Like say arcade game and then move onto the mainstream games and something like battle royale type of games. It can be time consuming i am sure.