How To Take A Break Whilst Staying Connected In A Digital World


The world is busy. Information comes at you every second, and it is almost impossible to get away from it. And yet, it is not completely out of the question to step away without completely disconnecting from the digital world. Try some of the following ideas when you need a break.

Play a Game​

Playing video games is a stress reliever for many people. Even so, being a gamer can be stressful due to your drive to complete one more level before logging off, achieving a goal before an event ends, or anything else that puts a constraint or stressor on your joy of the game.

If you are a die-in-the-wool gamer but need a break from the competitive nature of it all, try a low-key game from FreeCell. These entertaining online card games can be played from your laptop or smartphone for on-the-go fun and relaxation. They are challenging enough to keep you coming back for more but low on frustration, so you will still find your calm whilst playing one of the variety of games available on the site.

Learn a New Language​

Whether you are a polyglot, need to brush up on your foreign language skill set, or want to learn a new language, technology is your friend. Freeing your mind from the tumult of the world’s news and conflicts by engaging in something good for your mind is just what you need.

Start by downloading a few language apps to give them a test drive. Utilize trial periods or the free versions to determine which app’s platform will best serve your learning style and needs. Spend a few moments of your free time each day to complete a short language lesson. You can do this on a commute, a run, or brushing your teeth. Sitting down with a cuppa will probably be more enjoyable, however.

Do not let these efforts become another item weighing down your ever-growing daily task list. Reframe the time as a learning opportunity to take a break from your responsibilities and focus on yourself. If you have a vacation planned where you will use your new language skills, your joy and motivation for learning will likely increase exponentially.

Listen to a Podcast​

There is an absolute multitude of podcasts available on a variety of platforms, all of which should be accessible from your smartphone so you can listen to them anytime. You can find podcast content for virtually any topic that interests you. From foodies to travel and culture to business strategy and relationships, there is something that will engage and entertain you while allowing you to check out for a bit.

Watch this video for one person’s path toward finding new podcast content and recommendations.


Technology can provide you with too much, not enough, or just right depending on how you approach it. Silence your unnecessary notifications and turn off push notifications for things you do not need. Focus on taking care of your mind and mental health while still embracing all that technology has to offer you. Give yourself a retreat today.

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