How much time is 'too much' time when playing games?

I'd say about 4 hours should be the max, before taking a couple of hours break. But it depends on your mood and time table.
I have no schedule at all when it comes to gaming, I just kind of go for it and take it all as it comes. For example, this past Sunday I knew I had the day off on Monday so in-between my fiancé and I going away, she went off to visit her family and I played GTA SA for about six hours straight (moving obviously for bathroom breaks and food lol) but then all I've done that week before was a couple hours here and there. For me anyway, it just literally depends on how the week is going and what room I have to actually game in my schedule.
Normally play for between 3-4 hours at a time over the weekends, very rare to play during the week due to work and life etc.

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