How much time is 'too much' time when playing games?


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Feb 1, 2019
Well, playing games has always been one of my favorite hobbies. I used to spend all my free time when i was in School and college for playing games. Weekends in particular used to be much awaited, for the amount of time that i could get for playing games. However, i think that we all have a limit to which we can stretch ourselves and i think we should always fix the time limit that we are going to spend on gaming every day. This will help us in avoiding getting addicted to playing games. Setting a time limit can be very effective in case of children to keep them away from game addiction. share your opinions and views in this regard.
I know some people out there who will play for 12 hours straight and act like it's nothing :LOL: I'd say that 2 hours on weekdays, 3-4 on weekends are more than enough.
I do not have a fixed schedule for playing games, however, I usually play games in the afternoon after having lunch. That's when I do not have any substantial thing to do. In the past, I have played games continuously for 6 hours. However, these days I get bored after an hour or two. Generally speaking, when I am playing games for more than two hours, that's too much for me.
I think 8-12 hrs for me is too much during weekends and 5-6 hrs during weekdays.

Though weekends is meant for resting, spending over 8 hrs playing is too much. You can spent times with your family or do house chores or arrange your things which is for me, more important.

During weekdays, for me, I have work so I don't spend too many times playing games since I have to go to sleep early or just tired and just want to rest.
I think playing games for more than 3 hours is too much time already because you can't just not move for 3 hours and stay staring at a screen. This would not only affect your eyesight but your overall health as well. If you really must play for more than 3 hours, taking short breaks in between would be good.
Back in my younger days, I'd say a good three or four hours is too much unless I had nothing to do and finished up with all my homework and whatnot. It was hard to let go of the controller when a particularly good game has just been released, but eye strain tends to do me in.

These days, two hours non-stop already makes me a little bleary-eyed unless I drank some coffee during the last few hours. I tend to do some of the work I'm allowed to take home and play for half an hour for short breaks. It's better for my eyes too, I think.
For me, two to three hours a day is too long enough for gaming. I had other things to do, and as a mom, gaming is only a way of relaxation and sort of bonding moment with my kid. :)
I'd say 2 hours is what I usually play, but sometimes I go up to 4 hours. Usually, I get bored quickly and I'll leave the game to get a snack or just walk around the house. I'd say anything over 5 hours straight is too much, but playing 5 hours throughout the day is okay because then the time is spread out and you can work in between.
I always rather to play with breaks throughout the day, rather than simultaneously. First of all my eyes and head begin to hurt if I play too much. Secondly, I begin to rage lol.
Establishing an appropriate time to play video game is complicated because I think each person has their own time for it. Generally, what sets this up for me is my mood and how much I'm willing to play.

At the end, I believe it ends up being a very personal response (which even then, it may not have a definitive answer).
It really depends on the game you are playing. If it's just a game with a minimal time to play with and you are playing it for hours, I'd say it is too much. If you can't even do anything and you just go around playing not noticing or paying attention through your surroundings, that would be too much. So I suggest you manage your time even in playing games, like if you have something that is more priority to do, better do it first. Games can wait, you have the control over it and don't let it control you.
If I'm free with nothing serious to do, then I can play games as long as I desire. At least I can play for a straight 8 hours depending on the particular game. If it's a boring game, I'm not sure if I can spend more than 3 hours in the game.
I would say if it is not your job or a profession of sorts, more than 7 hours a day might be a bit too much.
Depends on your free time. One things for sure, if you only game for 2 hours a night. Games like RDR2, Witcher 3 and MGS V would take you 8 months alone.
Depends on your free time. One things for sure, if you only game for 2 hours a night. Games like RDR2, Witcher 3 and MGS V would take you 8 months alone.
Those are quite the popular games to get into aren't they?
Like today, I have been crazily busy all morning till now and as a result of this I simply cannot get into gaming no matter how much I wanted to. Maybe in few hours time, I would be free to play again today.
Anything over 2 hours is going to be too much of a gaming experience. And it is going to have negative impact on your mind and body. So you have to limit your time for playing games. I try to limit my gaming time to say few minutes a day and not more than that. That is how I am thinking of assigning time for my gaming.
I'm so addicted to some games.. i played usually 8 hours and sometimes even past midnight i'm still playing specially when i play rank games.
I was very free today, so I played a lot of games for at least more than 9 hours in between sessions. Gone are the days when I can play for straight long hours without taking a break. I'm no longer a kid or teenager.
I have seen some people playing for like 9 hours. And they are now suffering in the burnout and kind of affected with the rehab and other issues. So yeah that is one disadvantage of that.

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