How long have you been a gamer?


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How long have you been a gamer? Do you remember your first experiences playing video games? Please share them with us here....


Since I was little (maybe 4 or 5). I had the original Nintendo Entertainment System. My cousins also had an Atari, so had a little experience with that. Man, I'm really dating myself here.


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I first got a ps1 when i was a kid i used to play abes oddworld and it was lit i had so much fun on this game and then i played crash bandicoot and it was the best


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I got a PS1 in 1994, but before then used to play on a NES and a Sega Mega drive.

My parents owned an Atari that I can remember using.
Since I was little, at a young age of 11, or 12 years of age. I began playing Minecraft firstly and this is how I became a video game addict. This lead onto various different types of video games, consoles and here I am today a proud gamer!


The first console I owned was a Sega Master System II (closely followed by a NES - we got them the same Christmas). That'd have been around 1989 / 1990 I think.

The first games I played were probably Sonic The Hedgehog, Ms. Pac-man and Alex Kidd in Miracle World.

I've since owned the majority of successive consoles apart from Sega CD, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, Wii U, and Switch.


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I believe I was probably in late elementary or early middle school. My dad owned a Nintendo SNES so I remember playing duck hunter on it. I really got into gaming when we got our first Playstation.


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I was playing from childhood that is now at 20 years, as I played first time on a disk based computer. In those days the computer runs from floppy so it was a Pacman where i enjoyed a lot. At this stage I am playing Vice city and Tarzan games both are perfect on my PC.


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The first thing I got was Pokemon Yellow on a Gameboy Color. Good times lol

My parents weren't young enough to have known video games. So it wasn't until I was a little older that I was able to ask for them, and talk them into getting them for me lol.


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I got my first Gameboy when I was 7 and I remember playing a lot of Pokémon :love:.
One year later I got a Playstation 2, my favorite game was Ratchet & Clank!
Later (around 12 years old) I started playing PC games (free), mostly Battlefield heroes, play4free and bf3...
Now I'm still a PC gamer, mostly CSGO and the newer Battlefield games.


Gosh, it's been a while. I started sneaking games on my brother's consoles when I was a wee child of around 6 or 7 years of age. I've been a gamer for around two decades now. Still a gamer, except I can actually buy my games now instead of waiting hopefully every time my birthday, or Christmas, came around.


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Well, i have been a gamer for a long time now. Honestly, i really dont remember the exact year when i started gaming. I have been interested in computer and online games right from my School days. i remember the first ever game i played in my life was Tetris. I like to play it even now sometimes. It must be around 15 years that i have spent since those days when i started playing games.


Started when I was in grade school. I remember I always look forward going home after school so I could play my Game Boy.


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I've been a gamer since I was 7 years old. I remember that my brother and I had a weird gaming device in the house. we have always played with it. I am also interested in the board games. I have plenty of them in the house and I enjoy playing them with my friends.


I have been gaming for as long as I can remember. Gaming gives me a thrill I cannot explain. I guess its a kind of a high whenever I get engrossed in a challenging game.


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I have been a gamer since the day my memory started.I remember when I got my first play station.
I can say I am a gamer since 2000.


My older brother (who's older than me for 15 years) had been a huge gamer all of his life, he had a bunch of magazines, posters, he saved up for months to buy his PS1, etc. So naturally he got me into it as soon as I was able to hold a controller! He played with me a lot and kept me updated with all the games for PC, He collected Sega and Super Nintendo games for me, and gave me a GameCube for my 10th birthday. Now I do the same with my little nephew.


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I cannot really remember the year I started playing games, maybe when I was 7 or 8, and now that I am already an adult I still play occasionally. I have never been a huge gamer, just casual gaming and to just to pass time, but I have been really addicted to three or four games for all my life. I consider gaming as an adventure because of the excitement and thrill it gives you especially if you are so into it.