Engaging and Retaining Players: How to Publish Games on Nostra Effectively


Nov 23, 2023
Greetings to the gaming community!
Are you a game publisher trying to successfully overcome the difficulties of drawing in and keeping gamers on Nostra? Let's explore the essential components that determine how to create the best mobile games while maximising game revenue.

Give priority to engaging gameplay experiences for your target audience as a Nostra game publisher. Keep the gaming environment lively and engaging by providing frequent upgrades that include unique features such as lock screen gaming, users get a hustle-free gaming platform where they do not require to register or sign up . To create a feeling of community, think about including social components; connected players tend to be more likely to stick around.

Nostra is a gaming platform that is a part of Glance, a smart lock screen game and is considered as one of the best platforms with best mobile games that comes pre-installed on many Android sets. Nostra has grown a lot in the past years and it has seen 30% growth in its user base during the first half of 2023, according to the gaming trends report

To maximise revenue from games, the correct balance must be set. Investigate various revenue streams, including in-app purchases, advertisements, or premium features, and make sure they suit player preferences without detracting from the overall gaming experience. Use analytics to comprehend player behaviour so you can more effectively customise your monetization techniques.

Nostra is considered the best in the field of game publishing as the platform with 500+ games across 15 categories. The platform tends to collaborate with game developers and studios to expand on a global scale.

Actively seek out user feedback and incorporate it into your updates to make the best mobile games. This cooperative strategy builds a devoted player base in addition to improving the gaming experience.

On Nostra, share your insights and advice on successful game publishing! Together, let's improve our games, interact with gamers, and realise this vibrant gaming platform's full potential.
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