Where can I publish my games for free?


Nov 23, 2023
In today's competitive gaming sphere, Nostra stands tall as the best game developer with a motto of no download games and welcoming you as a game developer to publish games free of cost. Yes, what you have heard is right. Nostra is known as the game publisher platform and offers an extensive array of features tailored to game creators seeking exposure and monetary gains.
You can also easily be the game publisher on Nostra and enter an audience across Southeast Asia. This presents an unparalleled opportunity to target a vast audience who are part of a download games community backed by a user-friendly interface optimized for Android-based smartphones from the most popular brands such as Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, and Realme.

Apart from being the best game publisher on Nostra, it helps developers to focus on their craft. Game developers can easily track their developed mobile phone games online on Nostra and optimize game performance; it ensures seamless user experiences across more than 200 million active users globally by the end of 2024.

Here are the steps for the game publisher on how to publish games on Nostra:
If you are a game developer looking for where can you publish your mobile phone games online for free? Then, we invite you to Nostra. It involves a collaborative approach to publish your game for free on Nostra. It includes steps such as functionality, compatibility, stability, and playtesting, ensuring a seamless user experience and global compatibility.

Monetizing games on Nostra requires a thoughtful approach to balance user satisfaction and commercial viability. The collaboration of lockscreen games with different monetization models, like purchases and advertisements, unlocks significant potential. To sustain the success of these mobile phone games online you must prioritize user security and privacy while crafting the best gaming experiences.

If you are a game publisher and still wondering where you can publish your game for free on Nostra? It simplifies the process for developers, eliminating the hefty downloads and social media barriers. Nostra redefines mobile phone games' online accessibility, fostering connections within the gaming community while providing a direct avenue for your game to reach millions.
Join Nostra, where gaming innovation meets a global audience, offering a platform for game publishers and an ecosystem dedicated to unleashing your no-download game potential. You can publish your mobile game here nostra.gg
Just pay steam the 90 dollar steam submition fee, they return it after you earn the first 1000 I think. Besides the amout of free advertizing they will give you is worth the 90 bucks!

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