Reviews [Top 5] Insurgency: Sandstorm Best Pistols (And How To Use Them Effectively)


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Jul 17, 2021
Here are some of the best pistols in the game and how to use them!

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Did you run out of ammo with your primary weapon and have no time to reload? Well, if you want to live, you better switch to your secondary, if you bought one. Most people don’t bring a pistol with them because they think it’s useless and won’t ever be useful, but that’s where they are wrong.

There are a lot of different choices when it comes to your secondary weapon, so today we’ll go over some of the best five pistols in the whole game. I’ll rank these pistols by their usefulness and how strong they are. With that, let’s get into this list!

5. PF940

This is just a glock with a cool name.

This is the perfect secondary pistol for anyone who’s playing the marksman class or has spent a lot of points on their primary rifle. It comes with a lot of ammo, especially if you add an extended magazine to it. The recoil of the weapon is easily controllable, and you can effectively spam it if you need to.

You can also use this pistol with an SMG if you’re playing on a map that’s entirely focused on close combat. It also comes in really handy, in the PvE game mode when you're playing against bots, as they can swarm you in huge numbers. The only downside to the weapon is that it costs three supply points.

What PF940 Excels In:

  • It’s good against bots when you’re playing in the PvE game mode.
  • You can spam the weapon, as it comes with a lot of bullets.
  • The recoil of the weapon is easy to control.
  • It’s great on close combat-focused maps.
PF940 Stats:

  • Cartridge: 9x19mm
  • Vertical Recoil: 26
  • Horizontal Recoil: 27
  • Muzzle Velocity: 450 m/s
  • Rate of Fire: 261 rpm
  • Penetration: 200 pp
  • Magazine Capacity: 17+1; 31+1 extended mag
  • Reserve Ammunition: 2 mags
  • Supply Points: 3
  • Weight: 8%

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