News How Have TV Shows Affected Society?

Alex Wright

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
May 7, 2021

It is without a doubt that TV shows have had influences on their audiences. The influence may either be in the positive sense or it could be in the negative sense as well. For extensive research, you could head on to the internet to see how TV shows and movies have influenced audiences. You can stream all those movies for reference as well, for which you need to make sure your internet service is great enough to stream all those movies. Therefore, the smarter decision would be to look into Spectrum internet plans so that you could get the most affordable plan for yourself.

Coming back to the various ways in which shows have affected people, here are some very common patterns you would observe in people when they watch a certain show:

Friends and its Influence on People

It is very less likely that you must have met someone who hasn’t seen Friends. There comes a time when the show gets so relatable that you feel like you are a part of the show as well. The show has a great depiction of what mid-life crisis people usually go through and how should they be dealing with them.

Since Friends has a light comedic factor, it gives the audience the influence that they should deal with their problems in a lighter way and shouldn’t be too stressed about their problems. The show also gives great emphasis on the importance of friendship and how you should always keep all of your friends close.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine and its Influence on People

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is certainly one of the best sitcoms to be ever made. The show seemed a bit serious at the start but eventually, you feel like you are a part of the squad as well (Nine-Nine!!). The question is, what kind of an influence does Brooklyn Nine-Nine have on its audience? If you look at the main character, Jake Peralta, you get to learn that he hasn’t exactly grown up through the entirety of the show. Many people took the idea that it is okay to not grow up because not only is Jake a child at heart but he is also the greatest detective at the 99th precinct.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has also motivated people to be more driven toward their friends and always look out for each other. The show has also tackled other problems such as racism and homophobia so that show has also played its part in reducing hate and has always promoted love.

Emily in Paris and its Influence on People

Emily in Paris is for people who are interested in fashion since the show gives a great perspective on fashion. That is exactly what Lilly Collins’ character Emily does, she travels through Paris and sets a statement wherever she goes. That is exactly what the show influenced as well, that you need to look good so that you could set a great example for people and also so that you could make a great impression on the people that you meet.

The show also gives you the motivation to travel entirely on your own so that you could discover what the world is like and how wonderful it would be to travel and meet new people.

The Crown and its Influence on People

The Crown really taught people that everything is not what it seems and all that glitters most certainly is not gold. The Crown gives a deeper insight into the Royal Family and how problematic things have been for them. The show gave the audience the motivation to research more about the Royal Family and what problems they faced over the years.

The show also gave a certain dressing sense to the audience and it really motivated the audience to dress up in that certain way. For instance, many people were motivated to wear a blue suit or a blue-collar. Many people were also interested in getting a turtleneck for themselves since the show also had an abundance of turtlenecks.

The Queen’s Gambit and its influence on People

Chess is for sure one of the best games to be ever made. It really helps you with your strategy and allows you to use your mind a bit more than you would usually do. This is what happened after The Queen’s Gambit started airing, people started developing a love for Chess and many people actually bought chess boards so they could play. Many people also opened for online games of chess, all because of the hype that the Queen’s Gambit had created.

Wrapping Up

These are some creative ways that shows have had an influence on the audience because they have this element that conditions people into thinking that they might be missing out if they don’t follow that certain trend.

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